Understanding Your Stats

The Stats Dashboard is there so you can monitor your results.  The idea here is to give you the confidence that you are getting the exposure you are looking for, so you can stop wasting your time and money with marketing you can’t track (like print ads!)

All this said, if you don’t know what to look out for on your Stats Dashboard, it is useless!  So, here’s a rundown of the info you can find on your Stats Dashboard.

SECTION #1 (see image above)

Here you can change the date range for the stats you are reporting on.  Want to see how you performed in a specific month? No problem, set the start and end date for that month only.  Want to analyze your first quarter of the year? Piece of cake, set the dates!  Curious to see how much exposure you’ve received this year?  You guessed, easy as pie, just set those dates and click “Get Analytics”.


SECTION #2 (see image above)

There are a few key metrics reported on in this section.  Going from left to right, they are:

Published Themes: This gives you the total number of invitation designs you currently have

Emails Sent: How many emails were sent out with your brand (and for one of your clients events)

Party Hosts: How many active party hosts you have

Page Views: How many page views your invitations have received


SECTION #3 (see image above)

This chart will map out for you how many emails have been sent AND how many email views your brand has over the last several months.


Well that just about covers it!