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Lead Collection and Other Marketing Settings

Did you know that you could use YAY-List to collect leads from your Party Host’s guest list?!  Or that you could add a special offer that will get sent to all of the party guests when your client sends their guests a thank you note?  What about using YAY-List to create “remarketing” ad campaigns on […]

Make your invitations move!

So, you want to make dynamic invitations that move?! Good news, you can do that in YAY-List!! First, be sure to check out the basics on how-to design your company invitations. Ok, I know the basics, now how do I make my invitations move?! Now that you’ve got the basics mastered, making an invitation that […]

Understanding Your Stats

The Stats Dashboard is there so you can monitor your results.  The idea here is to give you the confidence that you are getting the exposure you are looking for, so you can stop wasting your time and money with marketing you can’t track (like print ads!) All this said, if you don’t know what […]

How-to add/manage company users

As the old saying goes many hands make light work, so why not invite other members of your team to help you manage your YAY-List account.  It’s simple to do and you’ll be able to control what they can or can’t do within your account! So here’s how to do it… STEP 1: Click on ‘Manage […]